Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Man seat on the motorcycle on the forest road | motorcycle riding safety tipsThis is the heart of the motorcycle season. In Colorado, the weather doesn’t get much better than this: beautiful blue skies, warm weather, lots of twisty, winding mountain roads. Summer in Colorado is a motorcycling paradise. Before you head out riding this summer, it is important to consider these motorcycle riding safety tips:

  • Ride alert and not fatigued
  • Ride sober – never drink and drive
  • Avoid distractions such as headphones or cellphones
  • Be a defensive driver. Always assume other cars cannot see you and always keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles
  • Be cautious when riding in inclement weather
  • Take a motorcycle safety class
  • Wear appropriate clothing designed to protect your skin
  • Wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet
  • Carry the right type of motorcycle insurance

These motorcycle tips may seem like common sense, but thousands of riders each year do not follow the majority of them.  In fact, wearing a motorcycle helmet has been known to prevent serious and often fatal brain injuries from occurring. It is estimated that more than 1,158 motorcyclists would have lost their lives last year, if they had not worn a helmet. In states without an all-rider helmet law, 59% of motorcyclists killed were not wearing a helmet. This is a drastic difference from states with all-rider helmet laws. In those states, only 8% were not wearing a helmet.

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Unfortunately, even when you take all the necessary safety precautions, motorcycling accidents can still occur. When they do, they can cause serious and life-threatening injuries to the motorcyclist. When this occurs, you need an experienced Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. Your attorney will build a case that is designed to obtain maximum compensation for you and your family. Unfortunately, proving fault and negotiating with insurance companies takes a law firm with considerable experience and resources. As such, it is important to choose a law firm with the reputation and the skills needed to fight aggressively for you after a devastating motorcycle accident in Fort Collins.

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