Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

helmet-hanging-on-harley-sm | Preventing Motorcycle AccidentsSafety Tips for Motorcyclists

Education may be the major factor in preventing motorcycle accidents as more than ninety percent of all motorcycle riders who are involved in an accident had no formal safety training—or training of any sort, for that matter—before hopping on their motorcycle. Motorcycle riding courses which develop safe riding techniques should be made mandatory, and all motorcycle riders should be properly licensed. Appropriate gear which protects the body and head as much as possible should be worn at all times. Wearing reflective tape on clothing or brightly colored clothing makes it more likely the motorcycle rider will be seen by other motorists.

Just as motorists who drive while drowsy can cause serious accidents, so can motorcyclists who ride when they are not properly rested. Riding while tired can not only impairs judgment, but can also severely impact reaction time. A little planning can go a long way, so determine your route in advance and plan for areas of congested traffic. Ensure your motorcycle has been thoroughly inspected before each ride, and never ride while impaired. Obey all traffic laws and avoid lane-splitting even if it happens to be legal in your area.

Remember that drivers of automobiles may be unable to see a motorcyclist and be especially alert for cars backing out, making left hand turns and changing lanes. Even when faced with aggressive or reckless drivers, do your best to remain courteous and considerate.

When riding in traffic at speeds lower than forty miles per hour ensure you have at least a two-second gap between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. When traveling at higher rates of speed, make that a four-second gap.  Intersections are particularly deadly for motorcycle riders so be especially vigilant when riding through them, checking for traffic on both sides and from behind.

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Motorcycle Maintenance

Most motorcycle owners don’t bother to read the owner’s manual which came with their bike. Read your manual—it can actually be quite helpful in assisting you to understand and maintain your motorcycle. Check the cable controls on your motorcycle for any signs of kinks or unusual stiffness, and ensure your lights, turn signals, horns and mirrors are all adjusted properly and work as they should. On a rear-wheel chain drive bike you must check to see if the chain has the correct tension, and if your bike is liquid cooled, check all y our coolant levels. Brake safety is particularly important, so check your brakes regularly.

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