Trucking Companies Cause Accidents by Cutting Corners

Trucking Companies Cause Accidents by Cutting CornersEveryday throughout the country, truck accidents happen for many different reasons.

One of the primary causes of truck accidents is negligence on the part of the trucking company. In an attempt to expedite shipping times and maximize profits, trucking companies will skimp on meeting federal regulations and cut corners on the safety and maintenance of their fleet. But when they try to maximize their profits by taking procedural shortcuts, trucking companies cause accidents. Some of the ways these companies take shortcuts include:

  • Overloading Trucks or Not Properly Securing Loads
  • Hiring Inexperienced Drivers
  • Allowing Drivers to Work Too Many Hours
  • Cutting Corners on Truck Inspections and Repairs

Overloaded Trucks or Not Properly Securing Loads

Weight limits for commercial trucks are enforced on a federal level. These weight restrictions are put in place to protect all road users because large trucks are more difficult to stop due to their size. If the trucks are carrying more weight than they are allowed, they will be even more difficult to stop or could easily tip over and cause an accident. Loads that are not adequately secured to the trailer could come loose, causing an accident. Additionally, hazardous materials that are not properly contained, such as oil, could leak onto the road surface causing slick spots and contributing to an accident.

Hiring Inexperienced Drivers

Experienced freight drivers command a higher salary, so by employing inexperienced drivers, trucking companies can cut payroll costs and widen their profit margin. Unfortunately, less experienced drivers will not be familiar with their rig or how it will perform under certain road conditions. This puts everyone on the road at risk.

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Allowing Drivers to Work Too Many Hours

Rest breaks are mandatory for commercial truck drivers. Unfortunately, the mandatory number of rest hours are not always met because trucking companies are only making money when their trucks are in motion. Sometimes, companies pressure drivers to keep going even when they are tired and should take breaks. Fatigued truck drivers are a leading cause of truck accidents.

Cutting Corners on Truck Inspections and Maintenance

Trucking companies must keep inspection records and maintenance logs on every vehicle in their fleet. Sometimes companies will falsify their records to disguise the truth or disregard federal safety regulations altogether. Proper maintenance of these large trucks ensures the safety of drivers and everyone on the road, however, the lack of proper maintenance can cause serious, even deadly, accidents. Some of the most common maintenance issues that result in truck accidents include:

  • Malfunction of steering equipment
  • Problems with the trailer
  • Brake failure
  • Shredded tires and tire blowouts
  • Broken taillights or missing mirrors

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