Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

Around the world people are understandably concerned about the coronavirus pandemic that is currently hitting almost every country. It is a scary time for all of us, in part because there are many things that remain unknown about this virus, and the disease that it causes.  But, there are many important things we do know, and it’s important that all of us understand the facts around this...

Can I Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer?

I can’t even pay my medical bills or living expenses! How can I afford a personal injury lawyer?  Sound familiar? This is a common question almost every accident survivor has after they have suffered an injury. During this time, medical bills can escalate quickly. Injured accident survivors are often unable to work and provide for their family, which can further complicate financial issues...

The Importance of Automotive Recalls

Consumers rely on inspected items made available for purchase, to be safe to buy and use immediately. When these products malfunction it can be a very hazardous event. The most common types of malfunctions occur in automotive vehicles. When a manufacturer of these vehicles discovers the malfunctioning products they issue a recall. This is to replace all the bad products with working products, and...

United States Car Accident Statistics

Every year there is an average of 6 million car accidents in the United States. The likelihood that a person living in the U.S., or one of their loved ones, will be involved in some sort of an accident is uncomfortably high. reports that 27% of those 6 million car accidents will result in a non-fatal, yet serious injury. Serious injuries can occur in a car accident for many...

Defective Tire Related Auto Accidents

Every day, thousands of people are involved in car accidents in the United States. Among the most common causes of accidents are driver distraction, carelessness, and poor driving conditions. However, there is a factor that causes auto wrecks each year, but gets much less attention.  One significant cause of many car accidents is defective auto parts. Whether the part is a stock part that came...

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