Left Behind, CDOT’s New Pedestrian Safety Campaign, Launched This Month

Tsunset steering wheel | left behindhe Colorado Department of Transportation’s new pedestrian safety campaign was launched on August 19th outside of Union Station in Denver, with an emotional memorial to the pedestrian lives that were lost in Colorado in 2019.

Entitled “Left Behind”, the memorial featured 76 pairs of shoes laid out in a row. These shoes represented each of the 76 pedestrian fatalities that occurred on Colorado roads last year. 

Participating in the campaign was Melissa Meyers, the mother of a young man who was struck and killed by a drunk driver while on his way home from fishing in 2018. “We’re sharing our story in hopes that it will help save more lives.” said Meyers.

The main part of the safety campaign will be billboards and other signage, depicting various personal belongings that were left behind after a pedestrian crash. Sadly, it is not uncommon for shoes or other items to become separated from a pedestrian when they are struck by a vehicle, due to the typical force of the impact. 

Regarding the purpose of the campaign, Sam Cole, the Traffic Safety Manager for CDOT put it this way: “CDOT strives to keep all Coloradoans safe on our roadways, whether they are driving or walking. During the summer months more people are out walking so it’s important we all use extra caution and do our part to ensure everyone gets home safely.”

So far in 2020, there have been 47 pedestrian deaths in Colorado, with El Paso and Denver counties being the worst in the state for these types of accidents. 

CDOT released a number of reminders for all Coloradans on what they can do to help keep themselves, and the people around them, safe while traveling on Colorado roadways. These included, eliminating distractions while driving and reducing vehicle speeds, especially on busy streets, and for pedestrians, using crosswalks and ensuring that you are visible to drivers by making eye contact before crossing. 

Nationally, there has been a disturbing increase in the numbers of pedestrian fatalities annually, attributed to a number of different factors including more dense population centers, and an increase in distracted driving. 

In 2018, Colorado ranked 24 in the country for pedestrian fatalities. If we all exercise a little more caution, we can help make our communities safer, healthier places. 

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