Distracted Driving Facts

woman taking notes and using her phone while driving | distracted driving factsDespite years of messaging and public awareness campaigns centered around educating the populace on the dangers of distracted driving, it continues to be a persistent and deadly problem in the United States. 

It’s not that everyone doesn’t understand that driving while distracted is a dangerous habit, it’s that we continue to do it despite knowing that fact.

According to a study conducted by DriversEd.com, 54% of the 1,400 drivers they surveyed admitted to texting while being behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Additionally, 18% confessed to checking in on social media while driving, and 8% admitted to actually watching YouTube videos while behind the wheel. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2018 alone an estimated 400,000 people were injured, and 2,841 people were killed, in distracted driving accidents in the United States

Those are serious statistics, and represent a great deal of unnecessary suffering and pain that could have been avoided by attentive and careful driving. 

It’s Not Just the Smartphone 

There are a multitude of different distracted driving behaviors that people engage in, beyond checking Instagram or texting a friend

While smartphones may be one of the most predominant driving distractions, any behavior that takes a driver’s attention away from the road in front of them can be considered distracted driving. 

Distractions are typically broken up into three categories: 

  • Behaviors that take the driver’s eyes off of the road, whether it’s to rubberneck at something on the sidewalk or checking the GPS, are considered visual distractions.  
  • Behaviors that cause the driver to remove their hands from the steering wheel, whether to get something out of the backseat or check the glove box, are manual distractions.  
  • Cognitive distractions occur when the driver is not actively paying attention to the process of driving, instead focusing on something else mentally, to the point where they aren’t considering their actions as a driver like they should be. 

Of course many of the habits that millions of drivers around the country exhibit everyday, include combinations of all three types of distractions.

If we all exhibit a little more diligence and self control behind the wheel, we could greatly decrease these accidents and save lives every year. Don’t drive distracted!

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