Investigating Car Accidents with Drones in Fort Collins

black drone flying in front of building | Investigating Car Accidents with DronesFort Collins has stepped into the future of crash scene investigations. In August 2017, the Fort Collins police began investigating car accidents with drones. Since its launch, the police used the new technology at least 7 times over the course of the year to snap photos faster and help them clear the roads sooner.

In the past, police needed to close the roads and then use small yellow tents to mark the evidence between all of the markers. They might place as many as 150 of these tents in a catastrophic or horrific accident. This could sometimes take more than 6 hours to complete, meaning that roads were closed and frustrated drivers must be detoured through other parts of town.

The use of drones had drastically reduced the time it takes to gather this evidence by snapping overhead photos of the scene. While some of the crash scene investigation still needs to take place the same way, using drones can effectively reduce the process by several hours, leading to roads being cleared and traffic resuming in a fraction of the time.

There are some limitations, however. Drones cannot fly in poor weather or through power lines or in areas where there is dense foliage and the markers cannot be seen. If it is at night, that can also make using a drone a bit more difficult since the pictures it takes need to be clear in order for the police to use them to mark measurements at the police station.

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When an accident occurs in Fort Collins, it is critical to collect as much evidence as possible before the roads are open to traffic. Valuable evidence at the crash scene can be damaged or lost forever once other drivers operate on the road. As such, new technology can assist in the investigations and in proving liability after an accident.

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