Senior Citizen Pedestrian Accidents Can be Deadly

old man's hands on a cane | Senior Citizen Pedestrian AccidentsAs we grow older, it becomes more difficult to maintain our active lifestyles. As a result, doctors and healthcare professionals are urging senior citizens to get out and walk more. Walking has been proven to help maintain bone and muscle strength and improve mobility and agility in the elderly. It is also a key component to maintaining an independent lifestyle. However, walking has its dangers, and senior citizen pedestrian accidents can end in tragedy.

Did you know that the elderly, adults over the age of 65, accounted for 19% of all pedestrian deaths and 13% of all pedestrians that were injured in 2015? The elderly are more vulnerable to trauma than other age groups. That is why an accident that may just seriously injure a younger pedestrian, might actually result in fatal injuries to someone over the age of 65.

There are many factors that increase the risk for older pedestrians. Many are unable to hear or see as well as they used to. This can make it problematic when reading traffic lights, signs, or intersection markings. Many are also physically unable to move as fast as their younger counterparts – meaning it takes longer for them to cross the street. In the dark, they may not judge how much time they truly need to get across the street safely.

Just last month an 81-year-old Fort Collins resident was killed in a pedestrian accident at the intersection of Drake Road and Canterbury Drive. Glenn Kelly was crossing Drake Road when he was hit by an 18-year-old driver that did not have his headlights on. Sadly, this is one of many pedestrian accidents in Fort Collins every year.

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Stay Safe as a Pedestrian

Walking in and around Fort Collins can be a great way to exercise and maintain your independence as you age. Just remember that it also comes with some risk. To minimize the risks, consider this:

  • Wear reflective clothing when walking
  • Attach a flashing bicycle light to yourself or your walking cane
  • Ask for help if you need assistance
  • Be sure you have enough time to cross the street before venturing out
  • Try to choose walking paths that avoid crossing too many busy streets
  • Try not to walk at nighttime when other drivers may not see you on the road

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