Traffic Roundabouts

Traffic roundabouts have been used in the United States for over a century to help promote a continuous flow of traffic, and help protect pedestrians. And as of 2015, there were almost 5,000 roundabouts installed around the country doing just that. 

But Americans have been slow to warm up to the concept, largely due to a belief that these types of traffic control measures are slower and more inconvenient than traditional traffic lights. 

But there was one Colorado city who was an early adopter of the roundabout concept, and helped demonstrate that not only were roundabouts a faster, smoother option for controlling traffic, they are also a safer one as well. 

Roundabouts in Golden

In the 1990s, Golden, Colorado installed a roundabout on a stretch of South Golden Road that had long been known as a hotspot for speeding drivers, and that had multiple lanes with few safe areas for pedestrians to cross. 

The city faced push back against the idea by businesses in the community, including King Soopers on Golden Road, due to concerns that the roundabout would be bad for business. After the city agreed to remove the roundabout if the store’s sales diminished after a year, the business relented, and the roundabout was installed, there still to this day.

There have been numerous studies done showing that roundabouts are actually good for the businesses located near them, because of the improvements they make to the flow of traffic. A transportation consultant named Alex Ariniello even published a study looking at how the previously mentioned businesses in Golden were affected by the roundabout. Time and again, it has been shown that a good flow of traffic is just good for business. 

Faster, Safer and Cheaper

Roundabouts work as well as they do because, instead of having to come to a complete stop like they must do at a traffic light, drivers only need to yield if there is another vehicle that has the right of way. That keeps traffic flowing more continuously and with less congestion.

Roundabouts are also safer as well. According to studies performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Federal Highway Administration, roundabouts typically are able to reduce overall collisions by 37%, collisions that result in injuries by 75% and fatal collisions by a whopping 90%. That is thousands of lives saved every year. 

Not only that, but while the building of a roundabout costs about the same as the installation of a traffic light, roundabouts are much cheaper to maintain, so communities end up saving more money in the long run. 

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