Truck vs. Bus Accident in Weld County Results in 29 Injured

top of school bus with the words 'school bus' visible | Truck vs. Bus Accident in Weld CountyIn July, 29 people were injured after a truck vs. bus accident in Weld County, when the driver of the truck fell asleep behind the wheel. The crash occurred just northeast of Hudson, near County Roads 49 and 24. The school bus was bringing students back to Greeley-Evans School District after a field trip at Elitch Gardens in Denver. While none of the injuries were life-threatening, numerous students were injured in the collision and were treated at a trio of hospitals, including Children’s Hospital Colorado, Platte Valley Medical Center, and North Colorado Medical Center. One patient was airlifted and said to be in serious condition.

The Colorado State Patrol and witnesses said that the accident occurred when the truck driver drifted off to sleep and then into oncoming traffic. The truck sideswiped the bus, which then caused it to roll over.

The trucking company, whose truck driver hit the school bus, had a conditional safety rating with the FMCSA. This is the equivalent of being on probation because they are above the national average for incidences. Roadsafe Traffic LP has been operating in Colorado since 2003, but declined to discuss the crash or their safety rating when approached by news teams.

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According to federal records, however, RoadSafe has been the subject of 124 inspections over the last 2 years alone and they were consistently above the national average for incidences in every category including: vehicle inspections, driver examinations and hazardous materials. In addition, their vehicles were involved in 15 crashes in the last 2 years.

Bus Accidents Often Result in Multiple Injuries

Bus accidents are not common but they can be catastrophic. School buses are not equipped with seatbelts and other safety features, resulting in numerous injuries when they are involved in a crash. They are also tall and top-heavy, making them prone to rollovers in a crash. When other vehicles collide with school buses or cause an accident, there are usually multiple injuries and accident victims involved.

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