Trucking Companies that Cut Corners Endanger Us All

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Trucking companies have one goal in mind: to make a profit. They do so by delivering the most goods in the least amount of time. The faster they can deliver goods; the more money they make. And they’re good at it too. That’s why the trucking industry rakes in more than $250 billion in annual profits. Yet, many trucking companies make their profits by cutting corners. They may cut vital safety procedures, reduce the maintenance schedule, or fail to train their drivers appropriately. Some may even encourage their drivers to break federal trucking regulations and drive longer. Trucking companies that cut corners make the roads more dangerous for everyone.

How do Trucking Companies Cut Corners?

  • Cutting the Brakes – One way that trucking companies cut corners is by reducing the amount of maintenance on their vehicles. They may unhook their front brakes to reduce the wear and tear on costly brake pads and rotors. In emergency situations, however, truck drivers do not have enough time to stop appropriately, leading to serious and often fatal accidents.
  • Encouraging Drivers to Break Rules – When truck drivers break rules, they can drive longer or more consecutively, resulting in faster delivery times. Trucking companies often encourage their drivers to do so, some even offer their drivers two separate log books. Truck drivers who drive over the FMCSA rules and regulations are often driving fatigued. It is no surprise, that the majority of accidents on the road involving large semi-trucks are caused by fatigued and overworked truck drivers.
  • Overloading their Trucks – Another way trucking companies cut corners is by overloading their trucks. The more goods they can ship at one time; the greater their profits. When a truck is overloaded, it can be more difficult to control on the highway. High speeds can make these trucks extremely dangerous and truck drivers may lose control of them if they suddenly need to stop or maneuver around an obstacle. As a result, they can cause serious damage when they’re involved in an accident.
  • Failing to Train Drivers – When trucking companies are short-staffed, they may cut corners by putting a new driver out on the road too quickly. Drivers who are not properly licensed or trained can have serious errors in judgement or be uncertain of what to do in emergency situations. This can lead to catastrophic trucking accidents on Colorado roads.

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Unfortunately, trucking companies don’t always care about doing the right thing. As a result, they can be held responsible if an accident occurs. If a trucking company’s negligence led to your accident, they can – and should – be held responsible for the damages they have caused.

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