We All Have Our Reasons to Buckle Up, says CDOT

Last month, the Colorado Department of Transportation tried a novel approach to getting people to buckle up: getting personal.

At the start of August, CDOT rolled out it’s month long “Reasons” campaign, which reminded Colorado drivers and their passengers that they had many important personal reasons for buckling up. 

These reasons included funny one-liners such as: “You’re not out of dad jokes yet,” and “You just paid off your student loan,” that were displayed on billboards around the state.

According to CDOT Traffic Safety Manager Sam Cole: “CDOT’s campaign taps into lighthearted things that motivate us, while also underscoring the serious consequences of not buckling up.” 

The campaign also featured digital ads and video testimonials from healthcare providers and emergency first responders, discussing some of the circumstances surrounding the patients that they’ve treated who had not buckled up, and gotten into an accident. 

In one video, an RN who works at Denver Health Medical Center named Sarah says: “We would never want to see you, or any member of your family, in one of our trauma bays because you could have done something as easy as buckling up. We see patients day in and day out that could have taken the very simple step, and instead they end in our ICUs or worse.”

The choice to include first responders and medical providers was an intentional and timely one. With a national pandemic going on for months now, many of these important and valuable professionals are currently under great deals of stress in their everyday working lives. By buckling up, we can help protect ourselves in the case of an accident, and avoid putting a greater strain on our dedicated medical professionals, by not ending up in the emergency room requiring their services. 

And that last reason made it onto a billboard at 8th Avenue and Galapago Street in Denver, as reason #3: “Nurses are busy enough.” 

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